For those who know best Apulia, it is not a novelty to point out the excellence  of the cheesemakers from Gioia Del Colle and their products, well-known far beyond the borders of the region. Much of this is due to the famous mozzarella di Gioia del Colle, one of the typical products of the most popular and among the more appreciated dairy product of the  area included in Gioia del Colle, Noci and Putignano. Few people though know an even more genuine, tasty and "traditional" Mozzarella variant: the treccia (braid) produced with the technique of the "whey", a method used in cheese-making farm, which  had been partly forgotten, replaced instead by the use of citric acid.

The treccia of Murgia - produced through a cheese making process that uses only and exclusively milk from Murgian cows- it requires a more competent and careful preparation, but the product that you get is unmatched in quality, taste, organoleptic properties and nutritional values. It is the fresh local milk to be enhanced, with the aromas of seasonal pastures.

The treccia of Murgia will become a PDO brand. The process has already been initiated by the GAL "Land of the Trulli and Barsento" with the establishment of a Temporary Association that involves producers and processors of cow's milk. The request of the DOP is not, however, only a commercial operation, it is not  addressed exclusively to a single typical product, but it is a way more "integrated" way to promote the area as a whole, since it puts together  cutting edge agricultures with ancient traditions, culture and tourism experiences, along with of course the entrepreneurial skills best expressed in this geographical area.

The dairy factory Nettis was one of the first to believe in the "recovery" of this ancient method of treatment: their treccia made from natural whey fully reflects the sincere passion for the craft and love for their land.