Now living in Hailuoto an island of the Gulf of Bothniama in the Baltic see of Finland, but born in the East Germany, Antye Greie, aka AGF, boasts a career as a musician definitely out of any scheme, whether referring to the tradition or to the historical avant-garde.
Digital producer, singer, songwriter, performer, poet and calligrapher, AGF counts 22 records and more than 200 tracks produced over the last 15 years ( not mentioning that she is the wife and proud collaborator of Sassi Ripatti - aka Vladislav Delay, Luomo, Canoco, etc, - one of the most significative minds for ambient, glitch and techno music of the last decade).
The delicate and precise work of conceptual deconstruction carried out with foresight over the years by AGF, mixes together and reshapes different attitudes in a much more suitable way, weaving together improvisations with laptop music, a vocal virtuosity with poetry, concrete music and electronic click'n'cuts aesthetics.
The voice, is just one of the many medium with which AGF kneads her experiments, ranging even in a very specific field as the field recording, audio-video art and sound installations.
Greie has collaborated in the past with artists like Craig Armstrong, Ellen Allien, Gudrun Gut, Eliane Radigue, Kaffe Matthews, Zavoloka and many more, bringing forward a cv that only few other artists can show in so many areas.
For Barsento Mediascape AGF will be free to surprise us in one of her own multiform attitudes, focusing directly on specific datas of the territory more suited to her, to strategically experiment them and bring them to the attention  of the public.