35.6735408 — 139.5703017

Interferenze Seeds Tokyo 2010

26 — 27.06.2010

In the 21 C, the expressions of media and sound art, realized by the creative use of everyday- technolgy, are expanding into the public spheres, and artists, creators, programmers have been investigating the new relations not only with the urban area but also in the rural aria. Interferenze, the international “new arts festival” in the village Bisaccia, South Italy, celebrating the 5th version in later July, is one of the charming examples that seeks the emergence of the new cultural, social, and economical value by connecting the experiment/tradition, analogue/digital, and local/global. Resonating to the breeze from the festival, the “Interferenze Seeds Tokyo 2010 (IST2010)”, the Tokyo-interpretation of it will be held for two days in early summer In central Tokyo, Harajuku, with the presence of Leandro Pisano, the director of Interferenze.

Tokio 35.6735408 — 139.5703017 26.06.2010 → 27.06.2010