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Liminaria 2015


Would it be possible, through a revaluation of the concept of temporality, to approach cultures, communities and rural landscapes from a perspective in which they are no longer seen as a mere marginal and underdeveloped appendix of modernity?

This is the starting question from which Liminaria 2015, (1st- 6th June 2015) wants to start analyzing – through the use of art and languages of new technologies – a series of points that circle around the concept of rurality and its connection to the “otherness” of local communities.

In a week full of talks, artists in residence, performances and workshops, Liminaria aims at narrating the stories of this rural territory, surfing its stories, knowledge, landscapes and even possibilities, following alternative paths from those mapped out by modern paradigms.

Communities, Museums, Networks and Archives will be few of the themes explored during a series of workshops and talks of this year edition, in which we will be understanding how to shuffle up elements that we already have, in order to imagine different ways of experiencing the rural landscape.

In this way we intend to re-design the “territory” using sonic arts and trans-media storytelling, opening a new path of understanding for its configuration; the territory becomes then a cultural lab where it is possible to imagine and practice new ways of confrontation and to finally perceive it as a dynamic and an “augmented” reality.

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