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Interferenze 2006

Naturalis Electronica

With its 2006 edition, Interferenze, international festival of sounds, new visual arts and media, is seated in the mountains of the Partenio/Valle Caudina, which it will fill with live performances, installations, projections, seminars, camping, artists and the public. Thus the international artistic vanguard will be fused with the splendid mountain scenes of Campania.

Although Interferenze is tied to the land, electronic and multimedia arts are its driving force: performances, installations, events, workshops and conferences complete the event.

With edition IV Interferenze confirms its dual spirit existing in the balance between digital provocation and tradition: digital arts and the arts of the past, sonorous vanguards and local values.

Interferenze breaks down the borders between the technological, urban, inorganic world and the rural, archaic, organic world. It does not, however, pursue gratuitous provocation. On the contrary, the marriage of pixel and chlorophyll, silicon and cell represents a source of fascination and a stimulus for the visitor, who will find themselves freed from the necessity of having to choose between remaining in the city – not losing contact with the future, which models itself every day in new digital vanguards – or walking along mountain paths, declining to follow the more innovative forms of human progress.

Therefore Interferenze represents a new way of exploring nature and art. It offers the visitor the opportunity to explore two territories as one: the physical sphere of the forests and the virtual sphere of the digital arts in one single and total experience. Digital technologies are presented as a concrete alternative to present trends of development. Its impact on a territory which has remained unpolluted in comparison with the surrounding area is environmentally responsible.

San Martino Valle Caudina 41.0259208 — 14.6566943 03.08.2006 → 05.08.2006