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Barsento Mediascape 2013

17 — 22.06.2013 at Apulia

Barsento Mediascape is a residency project in which the invited artists spent different days in the Barsento and Trulli area, South Italy, focusing their attention on a series of cultural, social, architectural, natural and landscapes elements, in order to recognize, narrate and give shape to the identity of this territory.

The aim has been to produce an aesthetic experimentation that, through new frontier of art, communication and design, was able to narrate the territory, giving it an innovative lecture and at the same time creating a new sensorial meaning.

This new experiment follows the path of a research work on rurality started on 2003 during Interferenze New Arts Festival. Through a series of format that put together new technology and territorial characteristics give shape to a new over-territorial yet qualitative dimension: the knowledge of the territory, internal or external to one’s action, offers a better and multiform possibility of development.

Five are the artists who took part of this first edition of Barsento Mediascape – from the 17th to the 21st of June 2013. Their residency in the Barsento and Trulli area summed up the themes, the interventions and the artistic expressions in a final live show on the 22nd of June at Teatro Rossini di Gioia del Colle.

During the event, where wine and food and the images and sound of the territory bundled up in a series of live performance, the artists presented four different visions of the territory and its landscape heritage, where the elaboration of images and sound represented a shuffle that goes over the usual urban dimension of digital art, in a sort of manipulation of ethnic and landscape suggestions.

Barsento / Apulia 40.8136153 — 17.1234344 17.06.2013 → 22.06.2013