41.0092554 — 15.3706417

Interferenze 2010

23 — 25.06.2010 at San Martino Valle Caudina

Interferenze offers an unusual writing of the natural environment which, through rural landscapes, outlying lands and the “inappropriate places” catches a glimpse of the ultimate sense of a complex action of a semantic reclaiming of identity and sustainability of territories.

“Rural 2.0” is a new way of looking at rurality starting from the territory itself, but overcoming it’s mere sense by communicating it as a mirror through which it is possible to read our contemporary times even in the aspects related to urban cultures; it allow us to see it as a way of life that opens up to a metropolitan dimension and to its fast changes, giving value not only gives to the impact on the environment but as well on society and culture.

In this sense, the rural territory is seen as a (new) medium through which we are able to re-draw and re-read the environment through an open and unique perception of boarder areas, such as cultural, aesthetic and social spaces.