Interferenze is a platform of research and artistic practice dedicated to exploring the possibilities offered by sound, the arts and technoculture in reconfiguring rural areas as dynamic and active spaces. Established in 2003 in the South of Italy.

From the original form of the art and new technologies festival (Interferenze new arts festival), a series of hybrid format (residences, laboratories, workshops, research field projects) have been developed through the years, resulting in a research platform dealing with the concept of (neo-) rural and based on different multidisciplinary and critical approaches inspired by New Media Studies and Cultural and Postcolonial studies. Among the projects developed and directed by Interferenze, there are Liminaria (2014-2018), Mediaterre Vol.1 (2007), FARM/Interferenze (2012)  and Barsento Mediascape (2013). An edition of the festival took place in 2010 in Japan (Interferenze Seeds Tokyo).