In the heart of a fabulous land, in one of the finest wine-growing areas, Polvanera stands out with  a  "DOC Gioia del Colle,"  in between Acquaviva and Gioia del Colle in Contrada Marchesana. An ambitious project, that aims at enhancing the Primitivo and other native and  Organic farming vineyards . It is no coincidence that the DOC wine of Polvanera, produced with grapes from organic farming, has  excelled last year in the category of Terroir Autochtona, national forum of local wines, which specifically aims to the enhancement of rare and exclusive varieties, from small to medium-small wineries, micro-areas and confined areas.
The  Polvanera winery has in fact a long family tradition that has its roots in agriculture. Their historic farmhouse, situated in the Marchesana, a district of Gioia del Colle, recorded, already between 1860 and 1880 the first stretches of fine trees of primitive, as the name suggests, Polvanera, derived from the characteristic dark color of the land surrounding the rural construction. The structure of the winery is carved directly into the karst rock going about 8 feet deep. The temperature and humidity are kept constant throughout the year and provide a cure, a refinement and a resting place for the wines of Polvanera, a reference brand for Gioia del Colle DOC and oenological excellence throughout Puglia.

Tradition meets innovation;  Filippo Cassano, soul of the company, has gone for the most modern facilities as for pressing and vinification, ensuring a constant control of production and high levels of quality . The company has currently 25 hectares of vineyard land, of which 15 are planted with Primitivo and the remaining with Aleatico, Aglianico, Fiano Minutolo, Falanghina and Moscato.