The Museum

To get an idea of the passion with which the pieces in the Museum of peasant of Gioia del Colle have been collected, is enough to know that, in order to host a fabulous combine harvester, a piece of the ceiling had to be redone. Vito Santoiemma, responsible for the discovery and preservation of this immense collection, has been collecting the tools of ancient crafts for years, from the first movable type printing, the incubator of chicks, to finish - in fact - to the enormous combine harvester.

Arranged in meticulous order, objects and machines tell the story of the earth and of ancient crafts, surprising us with their frank and subtle ingenuity. Many of the furnishings of these two great spaces may be prototypes for sustainable and green productions, with nothing to envy to the inventions of the most enlightened and smart modern designer.

In addition to narrating the past, this place tells the passion of its creators: a lot of what has been recovered keeps anecdotes and incredible adventures of recovery and repair. Because the beauty is that this, in fact, is not (just) a museum. The found objects are not treated as precious trappings of an ancient world which to contemplate or to have nostalgia of. It's a laboratory. A workshop. Everything on display is perfectly working .