In the Rural Development program of Apulia 2007-2013 the Leader initiatives are aimed at enhancing the potential of an area by promoting a sustainable development and improving the socio-economic development of rural areas. The LAGs (Local Action Group) are the holders of the programming from the bottom, they have the task of preparing the development strategy and are responsible for its implementation. They are made from a combination of public and private partners, balanced and representative of the various components of the socio-economic territory.

The LAG "Land of the Trulli and Barsento" is a limited liability consortium company which is active in the territory of the towns of Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Gioia del Colle, Noci, Putignano, Sammichele di Bari, Turi. The central aim of the LAG is the promotion of integrated actions for sustainable development and enhancement of local products and quality craftsmanship, environmental, historical and cultural heritage, with the intent to activate the process of integration of the businesses and associations of rural areas.

The objectives of the LAG "Land of the Trulli and Barsento" are precisely aimed at the development of the area in several aspects. First, there is the promotion of the food and wine farming. Even the construction and / or improvement and promotion of thematic itineraries is a prominent objective,  which parallels in importance with the involvement of schools in the study of nutrition  and environmental protection. In addition, there are also actions to enhance and promote local excellence through publishing tools, visibility on the Internet, rural show-rooms , organization and participation in exhibitions and fairs. Finally, in partnership with other Italian and European LAGs we can find territorial and transnational cooperation projects for an exchange of best practices and the sharing of operational activities, with the direct involvement of businesses, organizations, associations and public administrations .