Taylor Deupree, one Newyorker electronic producer, sound-artist, graphic designer and photographer, is more known in the international experimental niche for giving birth to the 12k Records, label that since 1997 marks an essential reference point for the audio-digital and research context.
Deupree, who in 2008 was Honorary President of Qwartz Electronic Music Award, is known as well for his active participation in the duo Prototype 909, a side project brought on together with Jason Szostek and Dietrich Schoenemann, focused on a very refined and non conventional ambient-techno produced on stage through synthesizers of the early 80s.
We can't avoid mentioning his prolific collaborations with a high number of musicians and multimedia artists, like Savaas Ysatis and Christopher Willits, in performances, live acts and releases under different labels.
Deupree is responsible for the democratization of the glitch sound, that later would become one of the most significative music language of avant-garde. A path of  often unpredictable yet fascinating mutations for which every performance and recording are absolutely unique, incorporating elements of improvisation in music and errors.
For Barsento Mediascape we expect an interesting performance, being sure that Taylor Deupree will  have the nature of the territory resound within its sounds and its culture.