A flowing sound plasticity is the core element for the approach to field recordings, that thrill connoisseurs of this genre, where the use of the actual recording is the base of the productions, often linked to the trend of concrete music, avant-garde, ethnomusicological  research or more recently also in the ambient and other electronic subgenres.
The Portuguese experimenters  Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais have collaborating since 2000 using the moniker of @ C , often supported in their performance by the Austrian visual artist Lia. Over the years the duo has developed progressively  audio iterations  more structured and complex, a mix of experimental music, sound art and live performances.
Miguel Carvalhais is designer and musician and teaches at the Department of Design at the University of Porto, Pedro Tudela is a visual artist and musician and teaches painting at the Department of the same university, both are co-founders of the  media label Crónica Electronica  and are members of the association Granular.
The scenario of reference here is what regulates the sign and auditory stimulation of contemporary life, what is also called "microsound" pole of music attraction that is one of the most prolific and multifaceted expressions of the latest trends in electroacoustic.
@ C can boast outputs either on Crónica, and on Baskaru, Monochrome Vision, Grain of Sound and Alg-a, all labels that feature a very respectful and evolutionary approach towards the electronic music of the twentieth century, contamination that outside the mainstream are more effectively to find a new and interesting paths to follow.