For years Enrico Ascoli has been experimenting new forms of artistic expressions modulated among sound art, live performances, advertising, theater and cognitive research; fields that are so different yet work together with coherence and specificity of contents in his approach to art.
Sound design and musical psychology are as well subject that Enrico Ascoli teaches at the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Milan and at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Animazione in Torino. He takes out this double vocation in experimenting new artistic concatenations, and at the same time in approaching the most commercial communication in an artistic way - all comes in together. Enrico Ascoli is the author of many amazing storytellings that have been used in advertising for brand like Nike, Bacardi, Illy, Fiat, Telecom Italia and Mila Schön, just to name few. His live performances and his sound installations have been featured in festivals like Benicassim, Stream, toShare, Interferenze, E-ArtQuake and MyAtelier and they narrate the culture where they have been taken from in a   multisensorial way.
As for sound design, he quotes, "is a matter in becoming, to which everyday we add more and new possibilities of intervention". His site-specific works represent in particular a different possibility of re-interpreting the territory because the audience is always looking for new catching experiences. We get to understand better when we are directly involved and our emotions can produce a value: this is what Enrico Ascoli knows best and is what outcomes first in his artistic intervention