Table player covering from the Indian classical music to the J-pop. Being taught by Anindo Chatterjee, Zakir Hussain. Since 1999 in the group "Psycho-Baba" with Daikichi Yoshida (Boredoms, OOIOO). Joined to the group "Asa-Chang & Junray" (2000-2010). In 2002, the British The album "Jun Ray Sound Chang", released by the British Leaf Label was selected as one of the "Annual Best 4" albums by WIRED magazine. In 2004 formed "AlayaVijana" with Yoshida, and released the album with the same name featuring UA as a vocal. After than released the organic-techno album "table 100% edit" under the name "salmon cooks U-zhaan" (2005), "Borsha Kaal Breaks" (2008) by the new unit Oigoru with L?K?O. Also active in engaging the live support of UA, Hanaregumi, recording for the HIFANA, chari chari、Polaris、Ayano Tsuji. http://u-zhaan.com/