Keiichiro Shibuya

Musician. Born in Tokyo 1973. Graduated with a degree in composition from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 2002, established ATAK, which functions not only as a music label, releasing CDs of domestic and overseas cutting-edge electroacoustic works, but also embraces creators in various fields such as design, network technology and so on, as well as being a kind of "platform" to develop dynamic new work. Released many albums including "ATAK000", "ATAK010 filmachine phonics". Last year released "ATAK015 for maria" with his first piano solo. He collaborates with various artists such as Yuji Takahashi, Yasunao Tone, etc. In 2006 he produced the installation "filmachine" with Takashi Ikegami (complex system researcher, Prof. at Tokyo University) . This year the album "Sotaisei RIron + Keiichiro Shibuya" made his name to reach to the pop music fans. The performance at IST2010 marks his first collaboration with U-zhaan.
photo: Kenshu Shintsubo