Rurality 2.0 Location

The town of Bisaccia stretches along the eastern slopes of the hills of Irpinia, a land inhabited by abstract, windy and endless landscapes, steeples, towers, narrow and quite streets, a place of an historical metabolism that is slow and almost solemn in its ancestral rituals.
Full of items of interest from the standpoint of nature, landscape, archeology and food, Bisaccia sits on a site of composite cultural sedimentation, from the prehistory to the Roman-Samnite area, from the Lombard (who have erected the ducal castle) to the followers of De Sanctis, and thanks to its geographical position, it is almost over-watching three different regions: Campania, Puglia and Basilicata.
Not even the devastating earthquake of the eighties has been able to erase the beauty of an historical centre that in recent years is being revived to its former glory and that shows untouched signs of a past that gradually modulates with an evolving world.