Rurality 2.0 Shackleton

Sam Shackleton is part, together with Burial and Kode 9, of a triad of dubstep's geniuses. The English producer, now based in Berlin, moves among an obscure and morose form of dubstep influenced by ethnic suggestions and deep-house reminders.Shacketon' sound does not just aim at the movement of bodies, but to total immersion of the mind  in a series of distorted and altered visions: voices and rumors sampled and deformed, hypnotic sequences, a nocturnal and introspective mood which is at the same time cloudy and threatening.The bottom is woven of characteristics, broken rhythm sections that are the holding part and the deepest bass lines. It is a sound that mixes funk, techno, dub and house, minimalist abstraction and world reminders. A sound that the famous German label Perlon definitely wanted to incorporate in its catalog: "Three EP's" is one of the best releases ever of last year, according to almost all specialized magazines.
Great Britain