Rurality 2.0 Click'n'Food

Click'n'Food offers a panoramic of performances based on the relation among food, music and new media arts. Food represents one of the main theme of this edition, though a strong involvement of the typical food and wine of Irpinia, a tradition of high quality standards presented in an international context. The aim is to propose a path that, through projects based on evidence, creative intelligence and sensory experience, is design to promote/foster a virtuous cycle where the quality of production and the consumption of food is inextricably linking to sustainability, environmental quality and social relations.
FRIDAY JULY 23rd - H. 19.00"Noble Milk"
(Yasuhiro Morinaga [JPN] + Antonello Carbone [ITA])
A sound and visual reinterpretation of a field trip at high altitude on the Podolian pastures which the two artists will produce on the mountains of Irpina in the days before the festival. The performance will take place in conjunction with a tasting of Noble Milk, produced by cows fed by only forage and pasture withough GMOs or silage by ANFOSC.
SATURDAY JULY 24th - H. 19.30
"Foodjob: frequencies to dissolve under the tongue"

(Enrico Ascoli [ITA] + Pompeo Limongiello [ITA])
A total immersion in the culinary tradition of Irpinia in a performance divided on different synaestetic levels (taste, smell, tough, sight, hearing) based on a real time recording with panoramics and piezolectric  microphones of resonances captured during food preparation.
SUNDAY JULY 25th - H. 19.00

(Lissom [USA])
A residency project in which processes of production of Irpinia artisan cheese (pecorino e caciocavallo) and the reading through the filter media of aesthetic craftsmanship, sound, images of a secular tradition are merged together.During Interferenze 20010, the presentation in a live performance articulated on the concept of multiple simultaneous perception.