Rurality 2.0 Quiet Ensemble

Quiet Ensemble starts in 2009 after the meeting between two different professional and expressive experience: Fabio Di Salvo focuses on experimentation and production of interactive video art works using modern manipulating software, Bernardo Vercelli graduates in theatrical scenography in Norway and later works as a light designer in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together they develop an interest about contamination of different expressive modalities observing the relation between technology and nature, the union between concrete and abstract imaginary, the balance between casualty and control, giving rise to complex subjects where elements are combined perfectly, shifting attention to trivial and charming issues, like the movement of a fly or the sound of trees. In parallel, the interest is linked to that sector of new technology that explore the aesthetic and conceptual techniques arising from an interactive and working relationship between the image and sound, studied only in relation to a specific environment, aiming at revealing common places through different points of view.