Rurality 2.0 Madalba

Alba Loizzo, aka Madalba, was born in Bari in July 1985. When she was 19 she started her career as a digital and electro-techno dj. Gigolo, Ideal Audio, Border community are the first label she was referring to. Later, she gets back to an old vinyl style and matures a sound that is her distinctive attribute, a techno with a dirty and stubborn beat, Berghain style and not at all polluted with this false myth which Madalba has always kept away. M-plant, Musicman, Ostgut, Platzhish, Delsin are just few of her referral labels. Her aim is clear: she wants to get back to a pure techno and to a primordial sound, always respecting new musical trends (rigorously underground)



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