Rurality 2.0 Teresa Dillon

is an artist, researcher and producer. Her main interest lies in exploring human-environment relations and the local configurations from which particular forms of communication and action emerge. Over the last ten years, this has lead to a body of work including: locative based performances, site-specific installations, public art, academic and applied research and community networks. She is director of the UK-based arts collective Polar Produce, through which she runs the N.I.P. research and touring network; UM: International Festival of Experimental Media, Lisbon, Portugal and OFFLOAD programme. Alongside her arts practice, she has also worked in various academic, applied research institutions and public bodies across Europe. Her work has been shown and published internationally and she holds a PhD (The Open University) on creative collaborative processes using music technologies; she lectures at Cambridge University, UK and works at the National Digital Research Centre (NDRC), Ireland