Interzona is interested in the development of networks of synergy with other institutions, authorities, organizations, and firms located not only in South Italy, but also in other National and European areas. The stage/internship project created for the students of University of Salerno is an example of Interzona’s networking activity.

The national attention devoted to Interferenze, the presence of foreign artists, and the support of important foreign cultural organizations have set the festival in a wider context, ensuring durable collaborations with European cultural groups and associations. This new dimension has encouraged Interzona to think of itself not only as a cultural organization in a specific field of the arts, but also as a promoter of social and cultural growth in the provinces of Avellino, Salerno, Benevento, Caserta and Potenza. Aware of this, Interzona is working intensively to promote collaborative networks, which enable flows of knowledge between Interzona itself and the provinces mentioned above, as well as other Italian and European realities. The development of networks with other actors within our province is also extremely important. Recent collaboration with the University of Salerno is part of this new, synergic dimension of Interzona.


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