Midaircondo is a constellation of three young women, exploring beat, sound, voice, improvisation in an audio-visual environment. The group was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 2002. The starting point was the yearning to explore new and unexpected ways to create music, with the emphasis on lowintensity and sensibility. Midaircondo is a new making within the swedish electronica, based on the idea of ”playful” music, working in between the acoustic and electronic area. The use of acoustic instruments provides a tight, warm sound and communicates with the audience in a sensitive and focused way, that only the experience of direct, live performance can deliver. midaircondo combines the music with their own visuals, where the projections are interacting with the music performed on stage.

This year Midaircondo, waiting to produce their first work, that will be released by English label Type Records, was involved in an intense live activity, culminating in the performance at Sonar festival in Barcelona.