Mass aka Mario Masullo lives and works in Naples. Sound artist and fondation member of the DSP Recordings label. Mass together with Terrae,Dez and Ilic, they set up their own idea-creating-firm, BLK Studios. Then DSP Recordings. Somehow the involvement in respecting a strongly personal and indipendent vision of music, takes him to a higher level of creation, and together with other artists, he strarts imagining the DSP label as a vehicle towards a free management and control over his creative productions: from the artwork and the packaging of an album, to the selection of the distribution channels and of the political and financial logics of the music industry. Mass defines his music as empathetic, unexpected, heterogeneous. He makes human the continuous evolution of sonud_landscape trought imperceptible frequencies, glitch and physical sound. His research is focused on translation of life experience into sound elements. As a result, music stimulates a wide spectrum of emotional as well as unpredictable reactions. ''Self Organizing Structures'' is the new work by Mass and the duo visual Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente aka Bianco-Valente:a perfect audio-visual symbiosis example . Six long tracks made of melodies,waits, minimal beats. Landscapes and microorganisms visions created a whispered story. The solid convinction concerning the importance of a creative contemporary confrontation between the artist and the viewer while stimulated by cultural similarities and common objectives, helps Mass in creating a multiexpressive transversal network - called Avatar 41 - made up by artists and creatives of the music scene and other various operators of the visual art world. Mass has also been selected as the art director of the electronic art festival ''Sintesi''.