Initials BB: two great artists like Thomas Brinkmann and Natalie Beridze aka TBA, involved in a liveset where will be crossed minimalism, dancefloor and electronic pop, for a collective and exciting happening. The first absolute liveset in Italy of this dance project that born from the collaboration between Thomas and Natalie will be presented for Interferenze_05 festival.

Alongside Mike Ink, the Basic Channel collective and Pole, Thomas Brinkmann is one of the leaders in the ongoing German-born study of isolationist dub-inspired techno. Though he's been famed for productions on his own Max, Ernst and Suppose labels, Brinkmann gained a name in the experimental and techno community for his full-length remixes (or as he terms them, "variations") of material by Richie Hawtin and Mike Ink. The variations were made possible by playback of the original records on a turntable of Brinkmann's own design, which included two tone arms with separate outputs for left and right channels.

Brinkmann had in fact been experimenting with carved-groove records since the 1980s. He studied art at the Düsseldorf Academy but was reportedly expelled for his philosophies. Influenced by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Steve Reich, Panasonic and Dan Bell, but it was Mike Ink's Studio 1 singles series that inspired him to begin recording seriously. Brinkmann modified an existing turntable by adding another tone arm (one for each channel of the output, left and right) and slowing down the material to record his own variations. When Ink heard them, he released two EPs of the material on his Profan label (later collected on one CD).

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