Davide Rovito and Ilic Notarangelo's journey starts in the italian and english techno underground scene, since 1991, where their work has evolved until today. since the beginning their sound has been influenced by the detroit techno scene also from the messages they spread through their music and more recently by some european techno live sets like ''the advent''. from those influences, davide and ilic, have taken the power of the sounds, the rythmic sessions and a strong passion for music seen as a way of expressing the feelings of everyday's matters. in the 1996 starts random/noize. under this name the two guys wanted to identify the live sets and all the productions (vinyls) concerning with the live sets. the live sets consists of samples mixed to rhythm patterns, analog synths and effect realtime manipulated, added or taken from the s sonoric tissue, making possible to create infinite combinations. this way of mixing together with the use of an effected turntable as a real music instrument, leaves room to improvisation and ispiration during the performance. the tracks are generated via sync or midi at the moment and mixed live to give a massive sound impact. during their 10 yaears of activity they choosed to play specially in the underground reality like livello 57 (bologna), link (bologna), tunnel (milano), cascina (milano) el paso (torino), loose club (napoli), magma (napoli), institute of goa (london)..., and often jointing their live performances to multimedial events (videos, installations, dance performances, art expositions). actually they are resident djs of the magma project in naples, perform live for different gigs in italy, guest in different clubs of the city, and performed as liveset also in some european clubs